A truck driver has to wear many hats while on the job. It takes passion, knowledge, and an eye for details, as well as specialized training behind the wheel. It’s a physically demanding job, despite all that you ever see on TV is truck drivers behind the wheel. Driving a truck takes planning of routes and organization of not only your cargo, but also of everything you need to get the job done, including paperwork.

Potvin Logistics offers a paperwork only package for your truck driving company’s needs. This includes managing your carrier packets, invoicing, and factoring company paperwork once the load is delivered. We charge $25 per carrier packet or invoice sent. This allows you to manage your costs and pick and choose which loads you need help with and which ones you don’t. Our mission is to help truck driving companies succeed, and by offering a paperwork plan package, we can help you with only this one service you need. Below, we’ll list just a couple of reasons to invest in our paperwork package. Contact us today to get started!


  • Help manage receipts. Retaining receipts and accurate record keeping is very important in the truck driving business, especially if you are an owner-operator. You’ll need every thing you can get for taxes and write-offs. Potvin Logistics helps with this by managing your carrier packets and invoicing side.
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations. We keep abreast of the latest changes in paperwork requirements so we can accurately do your paperwork.

Running a truck driving company or being a self-employed owner-operator is a lot on your plate. Potvin Logistics can help you by taking just one piece of it. Contact us today to get started!

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