Full Service

We will book all loads and keep customers pre-planned for the week. We also do all the paper work associated with the load we book. We will do the carrier setup packets and also do their invoicing and factoring paper work after the load is delivered if needed. This plan costs $175 a week.

Paper Work Plan

The customer will book all of their own loads. We will do all of there carrier packets and we can also do their invoicing and factoring company paper work once the load is delivered. We charge $25 per Carrier packet or invoice sent in.

Use Us When Needed

Similar to the the full service plan except we will book loads only when needed by the customer. If they get in a bad spot or don’t have time to book a load they can call us and we will step in as needed. We charge 7% of the gross payment of the load we book.

Those who run their own businesses are busy. Incredibly busy! Truck owner operators and those who run a small trucking fleet have to hire employees and manage employees, find a building to house your business in, make sure the internet and phone service is working, and serve your clients, amongst all the other fun stuff of running a business such as paying taxes. Growing your business is a priority for you and that takes strategic planning, marketing, and sometimes trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t work. Soon enough, you’ll realize you need help. That’s where Potvin Logistics comes in.

Potvin Logistics is a truck dispatch company that specializes in providing back office services. We book all loads, fill out truck broker contracts, make sure all the paperwork is in order for every load we book and service, and then send all the paperwork to the factoring company or broker when the loads have been delivered. Below, we’ll list just a few of the benefits of hiring a truck dispatch service.

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  • Finding loads. As a new owner operator just starting out, it can be difficult to get your name out there. When you partner with a reputable truck dispatch company such as Potvin Logistics in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, you’ll immediately procure an entire book of clients since your truck dispatch service will now book all your loads. This is one of the major reasons to hire a truck dispatch service.
  • Assigning loads and managing drivers. When you outsource your truck dispatch service, you are taking a weight off your shoulders (pardon the pun). The truck dispatch service will handle all of the assigning of loads to your drivers. This also removes you from the process so there are no hard feelings developed between the boss and employees when someone gets assigned a route the day before Thanksgiving. The truck dispatch company also manages days off of your drivers, another potential conflict with employees taken off your shoulders.
  • Maintaining motor carrier compliance. Truck drivers are highly regulated by both the federal government and the state governments that your company operates in and drives through. By hiring a truck dispatch service such as Potvin Logistics, you will also be outsourcing all of these compliance issues to your truck dispatch service. These services include maintaining license plate registrations, maintaining proper truck driver license requirements, and following all hauling rules and regulations such as hours a driver can drive in a certain amount of time.

Potvin Logistics is the best truck dispatch service in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and the surrounding states.

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