Truckers make up the heart and soul of the shipping industry. Constantly moving goods back and forth, truck drivers make thousands of deliveries every day to grocery stores, restaurants, warehouse stores, furniture stores, hotels, coffee shops, and most other retail establishments. Potvin Logistics, a truck dispatch company, supports owner operators and small trucking companies with dispatch services, which includes booking loads and filling out contracts. In this blog post, we’ll go over in brief a little about us and our truck dispatch services. Contact us today to get started!


In essence, a truck dispatch service serves owner operators of trucks as well as small trucking businesses by providing backend support and by finding loads. Some dispatch services concentrate on only doing the backend paperwork or on negotiating and booking loads. Potvin Logistics is a full-service truck dispatch company, meaning we handle both the backend paperwork side, as well as the booking of the loads. We have clients in all parts of the United States, but we specialize in serving owner operators and small trucking businesses in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.


A truck dispatch company works for the owner operators and the small trucking companies by helping them book loads. A good truck dispatch company like Potvin Logistics has contacts within the trucking industry so it makes it easier to find loads and run loads. A key component of truck dispatch companies is their ability to negotiate rates. Since owner operators of trucks and small trucking businesses get paid by the loads they haul, it’s imperative to get the right pricing. It’s an unfortunate part of the trucking industry that many vendors try to take advantage of inexperienced and newer truck drivers by not paying them as much. By hiring an experienced truck dispatch service like Potvin Logistics, you can be assured you are getting the best rates possible for your loads.

For many owner operators and small trucking businesses, paying a full-time or even a part-time employee to run dispatch services is too costly, from the salary costs to the taxes involved. Furthermore, without the proper vetting techniques, you could end up hiring a truck dispatcher that is unskilled and could actually be a detriment to your company.

When an owner operator or small trucking company hires an independent truck dispatching service, they are reducing the financial risk of hiring an employee. Moreover, since owner operators and small trucking companies only pay if loads are booked, they are out no money if the truck dispatcher does not do their job.


With Potvin Logistics, you are hiring an experienced, professional truck dispatch company that promises to work the best deals for you or your small trucking company in order to yield the highest profits. We offer different levels of service to better meet your needs, from simply booking loads or handling your backend work to providing all of your truck dispatch needs by handling both. We have different pricing structures as well.

When you need a professional truck dispatch company, call Potvin Logistics today!